Medicus Inc.

About Us

We started out helping friends of friends with billings, applications, and credentialing in 2005. From there on through word of mouth referral we grew to help physicians in practice and in locum tenens in Toronto and the neighbouring areas.

Core Values and Mission


At Medicus Inc., we strive towards excellence and the highest quality of service. We believe in transparency, respect, honesty, integrity, and compassion in our personal and professional lives.

Billing is about trust. We have developed trust over many years through open communication, by being thorough with billings, following the correct coding procedures in adherence with the most up-to-date Schedule of Benefits, and doing a thorough job going over any errors or rejections and fixing them. We care about doing a good job with billings because it is important not only to help the physician, but because our reputations are on the line. We worry about billings so that you don't have to. Our competitors are not bound by the same attention to detail, painstaking thoroughness, consistency, or the adherence to a higher standard of excellence that we stuck with over the years. Physicians sacrifice so much and risk so much in order to save lives and help people that they deserve a hardworking, diligent, and reliable agent who provides superior support.